WCF and Castle Windsor Update

Thu, May 7, 2009 2-minute read

My old post about the Castle Windsor WCF facility is a bit long in the tooth, as Mr. Craig Neuwirt and others have been hard at work improving the facility.  The release of Windsor 2.0 inspired me to attempt to go over the facility and highlight some of the new items.  In the process, I’ll cover some basics, as even those have changed a bit.   I have written most of the new documentation for the WCF facility, which needs to be reviewed by Craig since some of the new stuff is above my pay grade.  The good news is that, when released, the facility will have some good documentation as well.

The best place to see the new facility in action is to grab Castle’s trunk and go thorugh the WCF Facility unit tests.  They are comprehensive and give a great example of the new features of the facility.  This post, and the documentation I wrote, are almost entirely based on those tests.  Now, on to some examples.

[caption id=“attachment_148” align=“alignleft” width=“150” caption=“Easy peasy”][/caption]

The default protocol is SOAP (does anyone use SOAP anymore?) but you could easily create a REST endpoint.  Maybe I’ll show that in my next post about this stuff.   This post only covers the very basics, so if you have more complicated stuff, I can take a stab at it or maybe ask Craig.

Just to be complete, here are most of the  big time new features: