2011 ESRI Dev Summit: Prologue

Yay! One of my presentations was selected for the User Presentation track at ESRI Developers Summit.

ArcGIS Server Legend Resource Application

Building on mylast post, I wanted to create a RESTful app that serves up legends from ArcGIS Server.

Create Legend Images from ArcGIS Server with Ruby

Recently, I needed to create a legend for an ArcGIS Server map service, and was amazed that it was still a non-trivial activity.

Apple's Fruitless Security

For 20+ years I have relied on Jefffor friendship and technical advice.

Unit Testing Objects Dependent on ArcGIS Server Javascript API

Recently, I’ve created a custom Dojodijit that contains a esri.Map from the ArcGIS Server Javascript API.

Robotlegs and Cairngorm 3: Initial Impressions

[caption id=“attachment_261” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“Smackdown? (Well, not really…)"][/caption] I have had Robotlegs on my radar screen for months now, just didn’t have the time/brains to really check it out.

2010 ESRI Dev Summit Wrap Up

Back in Charlotte after another lively ESRI Developers Summit. I went back and read my impressions from last year, and have to say that they were hit and miss.

2010 ESRI Developers Summit

So, I’m off to the ESRI Dev Summit next week to meet and learn from a legend (the official unit of measure of geonerds) of geonerds.

ArcGIS Javascript API Tasks and the Back Button

Continuous Integration with Flex, Hudson, and ArcGIS Server-Part V

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,Part 3, Part 4) In what I hope is the last post in this particular series, we will get Hudson up, building our project and running our tests.