Continuous Integration with Flex, Hudson, and ArcGIS Server, Part 2

(Part 1, Part 3, Part 4) In the last post, I talked about the very basics of getting a Flex project going with Flex Builder and ant.

Continuous Integration with Flex, Hudson, and ArcGIS Server, Part 1

(Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) I’ve been meaning to blog about our findings with getting CI going for Flex, since I took time to whinge about it earlier.

Adding Drag/Drop Reorder to ArcGIS Flex Viewer TOC

Wow, that is a long, clumsy title. Google will like it, though.

Creating a REST Service with WCF and Windsor

Following on from my previous post, here is a short post showing how quickly you can create a REST based service using the WCF Facility for Castle Windsor.

WCF and Castle Windsor Update

My old post about the Castle Windsor WCF facility is a bit long in the tooth, as Mr.

ArcGIS Server: "Cannot authenticate supplied identity" Error

So, I get this error from time to time in a dev environment or, occasionally, on a client’s server.

Cruise: The Next CI Framework?

I’ve been looking at Cruise, which is a continuous integration framework from ThoughtWorks recently.

ESRI Developer Summit Impressions

I am returning to Charlotte in the morning after a nerd-vigorating week in Palm Springs at the ESRI Developers Summit.

Going Hyper

I built myself a new server last weekend, as the old one (a Dell 620 that was shipped in 2001!

Restart ArcGIS Server Object Manager Remotely

I wanted to post this because I think it’s cool and showcases the very tip of Windows Powershell.