The Great Giveaway

So, I wrote an entry for The Great Giveaway, and I won!

Great Repository/Unit of Work/ActiveRecord Series

Ryan Lanciaux has probably one of the best series on setting up the Repository and Unit-of-Work patterns with Rhino Commons, NHibernate, Castle, and Windsor.

ArcGIS Server 9.3 First Looks, Part 2: Virtual Earth Adapter

We are using the Virtual Earth Tile Server that Dave Bouwman created which publishes tiles from ArcGIS Server services to Virtual Earth.

ArcGIS Server 9.3 REST API First Looks, Part 1

Image via Wikipedia You may (or may not) know that I am one of the authors of the ArcDeveloper REST API, which is an open source REST API for ArcGIS Server that can be used against ArcGIS Server (AGS) 9.

Got (Remember the) Milk?

Image by digitalsean via Flickr I am, how you say, not very organized.

Great MonoRail Development Blog

Ben Lovell has started a great series on incremental development with MonoRail.

JSONP Support Added to ArcDeveloper REST

I have previously blogged about the ArcDeveloper REST Service that a few of us ESRI .

Here's What I Like!

I read a lot of blogs, and many of them have a page dedicated to utilities they use and books they like.

Castle Windsor and WCF: A Match Made in Heaven

(Note: I've been out for a bit due to new recent additions to my life.

Frustrations of a non-Agile Developer

As I look across the landscape of GIS development, I see the tide turning to Agile Methodologies.